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February, 2023


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Don’t we all love endlessly scrolling our Instagram news feeds and spending hours watching Instagram Reels? On top of this, don’t we all love engaging with our favorite creators or influencers on Instagram?

With over 1.44 billion monthly active users (MAU), Instagram is the 4th most used social media platform that has been dominating the social media space since 2010. 

Four out of every five brands tap into Instagram influencer marketing. According to a report, over 79% of brands consider Instagram as a primary platform for their influencer marketing efforts. And it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Instagram Influencer marketing has and will dominate the influencer marketing space for the foreseeable future. 

Wondering why?

Let’s find out.

To help brands realize why Instagram is the best platform for influencer marketing, we’ve put together this blog post. Throughout this blog post, we’ll learn why you should prioritize your Instagram influencer marketing efforts over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn influencer marketing.

Let’s dive in.

Why is Instagram the Best Platform for Influencer Marketing?

For years, Instagram has been the hub for influencer marketing. It was one of the first social media platforms to build links between influencers and brands. 

Facebook was already popular by the time Instagram launched in 2010. However, over the course of the last few years, we witnessed people slowly losing interest in Facebook and ditching the platform as a result of the eight motives for Facebook withdrawal, as stated in a 2020 study:

  • Information Overload
  • Privacy
  • Banality
  • Addiction
  • Peer Pressure
  • The emergence of New Platforms
  • Productivity
  • Annoyance

Facebook is the most used social media platform with over 2.94 billion MAU. However, we’re seeing people slowly ditching Facebook and heavily consuming Instagram, all thanks to its focus on visual content and several feature rollouts like Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, and many more. 

Whether you love fashion or are a die-hard foodie, you can just tune in to your favorite creators on Instagram and endlessly consume their content. However, it’s not as easy to follow and consume content from your favorite creators or influencers on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms. 

YouTube is a great platform to consume content from your favorite influencers. And YouTube influencer marketing, when done right, can genuinely deliver great results. In fact, it’s one of the best platforms for influencer marketing; however, it takes forever to roll out YouTube videos. On the other hand, it’s simpler to grow a following on Instagram and collaborate with brands on Instagram.  

The Rise of Instagram Influencer Marketing

In the last few years, brands have realized the potential of influencer marketing, all thanks to campaigns run by popular businesses like Daniel Wellington, Dunkin’ Donuts, Coca Cola and many more. 

Instagram influencer marketing was not as popular as it is today. People didn’t know much about influencer marketing – it was a fairly new concept. As people witnessed their favorite creators collaborating with brands, it piqued their interest, which resulted in increased brand awareness, sales, and revenue. And with more and more Instagram influencer marketing success stories hitting the news, influencer marketing soon turned out to be one of the hottest marketing trends. 

We hopped onto Google trends to understand how the popularity of the term “influencer marketing” has grown between 2012 and now. Here’s the graph:

As you can see, there has been a massive surge in the search volume of the term “influencer marketing” between 2015 and now. 

In addition, we also did a comparison between the popularity of terms:

  • Instagram Influencer Marketing
  • YouTube Influencer Marketing
  • Facebook Influencer Marketing
  • Twitter Influencer Marketing
  • LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

And here are the results:

The difference is clearly visible. Instagram influencer marketing is more popular than influencer marketing across other platforms.

Let’s Learn Why Instagram is the Top Choice for Influencer Marketing

For influencers, establishing their presence, interacting with their audience, and collaborating with brands is easier on Instagram. For brands, it’s easier to collaborate with influencers on Instagram. 

Over 81% of people use Instagram for researching products and services. And the thing is – Instagram is a platform geared towards a younger audience. About 31.7% of people who use Instagram belong to the age range 25-34. Whereas it’s 30.2% for people in the age range 18-24.

Whether you want to collaborate with fashion influencers or food bloggers or travel creators, whatever industry your business belongs to, it’s much easier to find the right influencers and collaborate with them on Instagram. No other social media platform, in our opinion, has the capacity or reach to facilitate sponsored or branded posts. 

From Instagram Stories to Reels, Instagram influencer marketing can seriously help brands level up their marketing game and generate increased sales and revenue. In addition, features like Instagram Shopping, live streaming, and more can help build viral influencer marketing campaigns. However, that’s not the case with other platforms.

The problem with YouTube influencer marketing – it has a high cost of entry for new and up-and-coming influencers. And it’ll take forever to structure and launch your influencer marketing campaign on YouTube. 

Running Twitter influencer marketing campaigns is a good idea – but it won’t be as effective as Instagram influencer marketing due to:

  • Lesser MAU count.
  • Lack of focus on visual content.

Facebook isn’t as popular among younger audience as it was back in the early 2010s. LinkedIn is a professional platform – so if you’re planning to tap into LinkedIn influencer marketing, it’s important to make sure your target audience would love to see a promotional post related to your brand’s product or service on LinkedIn.

Tap into the Power of Instagram Influencer Marketing!

Instagram is the top choice and the best option for brands to run influencer marketing campaigns. At Stack Influence, we’ve been helping brands achieve ground-breaking results by helping them strategically tap into the power of Instagram influencer marketing, all thanks to our fully-managed service that helps brands save 2.5 hours, on average, per influencer managed. 

At the same time, we have the largest database of micro-influencers in the US. We help brands collaborate with nano and micro-influencers, helping them achieve the best possible results. Our nano and micro-influencer campaigns will strengthen your brand presence, increase your online ad ROAs, allow you to create better marketing materials, boost your social media profile engagement and trust, and increase your rankings revenue.

Learn more about our pricing structure!

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By William Gasner

CMO at Stack Influence

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