micro influencer marketing for amazon growth

micro influencer marketing 
for amazon growth

Increase your listing ranking, get branded content and generate more traffic at scale from our handpicked network of micro-influencers.

micro influencer marketing 
for amazon growth

micro influencer marketing
for amazon growth

Increase your listing ranking, get branded content and generate more traffic at scale from our handpicked network of micro-influencers.

What we do

We assist hundreds of Amazon Sellers across the globe to increase their customer engagement and generate more traffic back to their Amazon listings through Influencer Marketing. We help connect top sellers to creators who love telling stories and promoting products. Stack Influence is the premier Amazon influencer agency.

Campaigns can range anywhere from 100 to 2,000 micro-influencers, and we manage every single relationship.


Market Research

We perform extensive market research to identify your ideal target consumer and develop a custom tailored strategy for your brand.

Brand Analysis

We analyze your brand to understand what your goals are and your mission for your business. We want to know what makes you tick.

Influencer Strategy

We create a detailed strategy and timeline for your influencer campaign to ensure a successful execution and satisfactory results.

Campaign Management

We develop and manage an influencer campaign that is as unique as your company and get you on the same page as us.

Curated Content

We work side by side with our influencer community to develop curated content that engages your customer and guarantees ROI.

Engagement Analysis

We analyze the results from your stack influence campaign to make use you are satisfied with our work and your influence is stacked up.

Stack Influencers are Paid in Products.

As an added bonus for your Amazon ranking, our influencers will in fact purchase your products at full price directly from your listing. A rebate is then credited to their account through the Stack Influence Escrow Platform once their assignments have been completed.

Organic PRoduct Reviews


Return on investment

Vetted Micro Influencers



Repeat customers and Potential reviews

80% of influencers that participate in campaigns become at least a 1x repeat customer of your product. It is against Amazon’s policies to incentives reviews, however our influencers are highly engaged and often leave organic reviews on their own accord.

We Work With Sellers On All Popular Online Marketplaces
Our process consists of four simple steps. We strategize and plan your campaign, accumulate and organize vetted influencers, execute a custom tailored initiative and finally analyze and assess your campaign results.


First we develop a strategy for your brand based on a business audit and market analysis. We figure out your target customers and the perfect social media influencers to create curated content and spread the word about your brand and products.


Once we understand your business needs and who your customers are, we outline our influencer strategy into a concise plan and develop a timeline for your campaign to make sure you are on the same page with us and are satisfied with our marketing initiative.


When our influencer strategy is in place and your campaign is finalized, we search our pool of vetted influencer marketers and start reaching out to lock down the best partnerships for your brand. We make sure we find influencers who are masters at content creation and highly engaged with their audience.


Finally when we have accumulated a group of influencers who ready to start promoting your products, we execute our custom tailored campaign and start stacking the influence. Last but not least we analyze your results and assess the success our your campaign to make sure you know how effectively your influence has stacked up in the online world.


Both big and small brands love the Stack Agency. We quickly and efficiently make marketing magic happen and help you stack up your marketplace influence.
“Stack influence has been a life savor for our Amazon business. We became a top seller in three product niches after hiring the company.” Jessica Skolnik

Power Seller, Amazon Marketplace

“As the CEO of a budding startup I’m always on the lookout for the next best promotional technology. Stack Influence is what you need for your business to succeed these days.” Andrel Nahaev

Chief Executive Officer, TerraKicks

“We don’t know what we would do without the help of the Stack Influence team. They’ve taken our online marketing to the next level.” Edward Ungureanu

Head Of Marketing, Brand

“We were struggling trying to gain traction for our new online marketplace listings. We luckily found Stack Influence and we able to jump our new product sales by 10 times. We’re ecstatic!” Jen Ewer

Power Seller, Walmart.com Marketplace

Our Skills

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  • Branding – 90%
  • UX Research – 77%
  • Interface Design – 85%
“Studies have found that 82% of people are likely to follow the recommendations of micro-influencers in their purchases.”
~ Influencer Research Study

Stack up your influence NOW

Fake or real, people now get their news from social media. Our social lives have been digitalized. We now communicate, we debate, we fixate and we date on social media. To get the word out about your brand or company you need to engage directly with your customer through online outlets and social media profiles.

Through the power of our strong network of 20,000+ highly engaged influencer affiliates, our clients get rapid results and high returns. We tediously vet all our influencer affiliates and make sure we choose highly motivated and effective influencers who have mastered their niches and know how to engage with their audiences. They love promoting products and we love promoting them. Don’t fall behind on the power of influence in our new online world. Start stacking today!

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