about our influencer community

about the stack
influencer community

about the stack

Our influencer community is made of diverse social creators from all walks of life. Whether you’re a fashionista, tech lover, fitness enthusiast, or mommy blogger, we’ve got a campaign to match your profile catered to every interest and demographic. Join us!

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By joining our exclusive influencer community you will receive social collaboration opportunities every month and get access to free products from trending, leading brands. Apply to join today!

benefits of being a stack influencer

benefits of being a
stack influencer

get free products from top brands

build your influencer resume

first to test
new releases

first to test new releases

learn social
growth tactics

learn social growth tactics

make money
referring friends

make money referring friends

have a social profile and love creating?

You don’t need to be a celebrity to join our influencer community. All you need is an Instagram profile, a desire for awesome free products and a knack for creating content. We’ll supply the brands, you bring the creativity. Sound good?

we love all types of social creators

We accept a wide variety of people (and even pets) to our influencer community. Whatever your interest, gender, age, occupation, or location, chances are we’ve got campaign fit for you. Here are some top interest areas in our community.

stack influence
campaign benefits  

Get branded content, accumulate testimonials, strengthen marketing materials, and generate traffic at scale with our microinfluencer marketing campaigns. 100% managed from A to Z.

beauty influencers

Are you a beauty or self care enthusiast? We partner with many top beauty and self care brands to keep you looking fresh.

fitness influencers

Are you passionate about fitness or sports? Our numerous fitness brands are sure to pump you up and help you perform at your best.

book influencers

Love diving into novels and reading books? We partner with all types of publishing genres to satisfy your inner book worm. 

tech influencers

Obsessed with gadgets? Love perfecting your gaming setup? We work with the most up and coming tech products on the market so you can be on the edge of innovation.

mom influencers

Are you a mom who wants safe and effective products for you and your kids?? Our brand partners are always looking to collaborate with “momfluencers” and your kids.

food influencers

Do you love crafting culinary creations and sharing new recipes with your followers? We work with speciality kitchen and culinary products you would adore.

wellness influencers

Do you care about health and wellness? Our roster of wellness brands will keep you in the know on the latest healthy living trends.

fashion influencers

Are you a fashionista or just love to dress up?Our fashion brand partners will gear you up with the years top clothing and accessory styles.

pet influencers

Do you have a dog or a cat who is so cool they have their own social media presence? Our pet product brands would love to sponsor them.

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our headquarters

111 NE 1st St, Miami, FL 33132

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[email protected]

stack up your influence
in exchange for products

our headquarters

111 NE 1st St, 8th Floor 
Miami, FL 33132

our contact info

[email protected]

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© 2024 Stack Influence Inc