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July, 2022


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It’s that time of year already.

The “Add to Cart” day is right around the corner. 

Last year’s Prime day broke all records. 

More than 250 million products were sold, with customers, on average, spending $47 per order.

Prime Day is no different than the holiday season.

We know – inflation is growing this year at an exponential pace. However, over 88% of the 1,000 consumers surveyed by Tinuiti reported that they’re looking forward to shopping on Prime Day. While consumers are looking forward to saving money by reducing their spending, 58% of the 1,000 consumers surveyed have reported that they plan to spend at least $100 this year. 

And with Amazon Prime Day 2022 right around the corner (July 12th-13th), you may want to ensure that you’re ready, taking into consideration the ongoing inflation and supply chain issues.

To help you prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2022, we’ve put together this blog post – where we’ll be looking at the four brilliant strategies that you should implement to skyrocket your sales and avoid any hassles.

We’re so excited to share this with you. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these strategies straight away.

4 Brilliant Amazon Prime Day 2022 Strategies You Should Implement This Year

Following are the strategies we’d advise you to implement this Prime Day:

  • Help Your Customers Save their Money – Give Them Numerous Ways
  • Run a Strategic Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Optimize Your Amazon Listings
  • Beefing Up Amazon Ads


Help Your Customers Save Their Money

As you may already know, inflation in the US is rising at an exponential pace. Almost everything you can think of – the prices are soaring. And with the current inflation rate highest since 1981, we’re seeing more and more people struggling daily.

And with people planning on saving their money, if you want to catch their attention and purchase your product, you need to help them save their money. 

Offer them discounts that they can’t resist. But at the same time, make sure that you’re earning a decent profit. Don’t just create a promotion. Instead, create Amazon coupons or run lightning deals to attract your buyers. 

It’s a 2-day event and there isn’t much time for trying and testing. So, we’d advise you to offer your customers numerous ways to save their money. You can do this by:

  • Running Lightning Deals – Lightning deals are the highlight of Amazon Prime Day. These are discounted prices being offered by sellers for a very limited time period. Your buyers have a very limited window. Running lightning deals isn’t just about offering insane discounts but when you run them, your product will be even more visible. One important point to note is that – lightning deals are usually costlier to run during Prime Days when compared with the rest of the year. But when done right, this strategy can genuinely pay off.
  • Creating & Running Promotions – From “Seller Central,” you can create and run different types of promotions like “Buy one get 30% off on your next purchase” or “Buy one get one free.” Maybe, you can offer Free Shipping. You can set up a limited-time free shipping offer. From offering social media promo codes to running buy one get one deal, running promotions is a great way to attract your customers.
  • Adjusting Your Listing Price – Last year, this option wasn’t available for sellers. But now as we can see, it’s back. If your product costs $100, and you want to sell it for $60, then you can just set your list price as $100 and sale price as $60 or whatever you want it to be. It’s a great way to get more eyeballs and attract traffic to your Amazon listing.

Run a Strategic Influencer Marketing Campaign

According to the The State of Influencer Marketing 2022 report, global influencer marketing will reportedly reach $16.4 billion by the end of this year. 89% of influencer marketers have reported that their influencer marketing ROI is way better than any other marketing channel they’ve ever used.

For every $1 brands invest in influencer marketing, they can expect an average return of $6.5

Collaborating with Amazon influencers is one of the best ways to skyrocket your sales during Prime Day. And if you’re looking forward to selling more during this year’s Prime Day, we’d advise you to tap into the power of Amazon influencer marketing.

We’ve created numerous posts revolving around the same:

Optimize Your Amazon Listings

Another great Amazon Prime Day 2022 strategy is to optimize your Amazon product listings ahead of Prime Day. 

Yes – discounted price, running lightning deals, and influencer marketing help. But it’s equally important to make sure that your product listings are attractive for the best possible clicks and conversions.

And here, we’re not just talking about your Product Listing Title, but also the content inside it. At the same time, we’d advise you to use attractive pictures – if the quality of your listing pictures hasn’t been up to the mark lately. 

Read Amazon’s Prepare product images article to gain more information on Product image standards.

When we say optimize your Amazon listings, we mean:

  1. Choose Relevant Keywords 
  2. Add Catchy Product Titles
  3. Utilize Bullet Points for Highlighting Key Benefits & Features
  4. Encourage As Many of Your Past Customers to Add Reviews
  5. Select Accurate Categories 
  6. And more!

Beefing Up Amazon Ads

Amazon is a high-intent retail platform with enormous traffic and reach yet compares favorably with other advertising platforms. Its average CPC -> 0.75% internationally and $0.87 for Sponsored Products (US) is lower than other platforms.

Running strategic Amazon ads is a great way to skyrocket your sales during Prime Day. While you may expect the CPC to rise during Prime Day, when done right, it’ll help you generate outstanding returns.

At the same time, if your budget is pretty limited, then you can start running deals and advertisements two days prior or two days after the event concludes. During these times, the CPC will be comparatively lower.

But don’t rule out Amazon advertising – as it’s one of the best ways to increase your sales and generate revenue during Prime Day.


Gear up! Amazon Prime Day 2022 is just around the corner. While growing inflation is a major concern, a majority of consumers have reported that they are genuinely excited for July 12th & 13th

Implementing the strategies that we’ve mentioned in this blog post will not only help you prepare for Prime Day but also skyrocket your revenue. 

And if you want to run strategic Amazon influencer marketing campaigns, allow our experts to help you out. We are one of the leading influencer platforms catered to Amazon merchants. 

Allow our experts to help you out.

Learn more about our process.

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By William Gasner

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