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September, 2023


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Ever wondered where your favorite baking influencer got those killer pants? Or how that chess content creator you follow found that comfy chair? The Twitter satirist you love won’t stop talking about a must-have satchel, and you want in.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could effortlessly find and purchase these coveted items?

Well, the good news is, you can—thanks to Amazon Influencer Storefronts.

Not every influencer participates in Amazon’s popular affiliate program. But those with specialized storefronts offer a one-stop shop to buy your favorite products.

So, whether you’re already a fan of an influencer or in the market for one whose taste aligns with yours, the burning question is: How do you find Amazon influencer storefronts?

Read on to find out!

What Are Amazon Influencer Storefronts?

Let’s begin by understanding how an Amazon influencer storefront comes about.

Influencers and content creators initiate their journey by applying to Amazon’s specific affiliate program, distinct from the more general Amazon “Associates” program. Once approved, they are termed Amazon Influencers and receive an affiliate link that allows them to earn a commission on purchases made with those links within 24 hours.

Often, these are items they’ve already highlighted on their social media channels. The storefronts offer them a space to infuse their branding into their product recommendations—through thematic arrangements, customized designs, or a mixture of products, categories, photos, videos, and even live streams. And, of course, any sales driven by these recommendations boost their commissions.

Essentially, each storefront operates like a personalized online boutique featuring a curated selection of Amazon products.

For businesses, collaborating with the right Amazon Influencer can be a game-changer. It amplifies their products’ reach, elevates brand awareness, and potentially increases sales.

Your Comprehensive Guide To Find Amazon Influencer Storefronts

Now that you’re sold on the concept, you might be itching to check some of these storefronts out. But where do you find Amazon Influencer storefronts that match your tastes?

Here’s a quick guide:

1. Search Directly on Amazon

If you prefer going straight to the source, the platform offers a straightforward method to find Amazon influencer storefronts. Head to the Amazon homepage and enter “#FoundItOnAmazon” in the search bar.

Once you initiate the search, you’ll be greeted by many photos tagged with the hashtag featuring either influencer or customer-curated collections. Want to narrow it down? No problem. You can filter your results by selecting specific product categories that interest you.

As you start browsing, you’ll encounter an extensive array of posts that could be exactly what you want to buy—or promote. If you stumble upon an influencer storefront that resonates with you, following them is as easy as clicking a button, just as on any other social media platform.

2. Tune in to Amazon Live

Another avenue that Amazon itself provides is Amazon Live. This is a collection of videos and live streams by influencers and affiliates showcasing select products. Many influencers don’t just inform you about products; they actively use them and even offer exclusive deals and discounts.

And this method is effective, too. E-commerce revenues generated by live online shopping are expected to reach approximately $55 billion by 2026.

Navigating Amazon Live offers a similar experience to other social platforms. If you’re new to this and uncertain where to begin, the “Featured Creators” section is a good starting point. Here, you’ll find a curated list of popular influencers making waves in the Amazon community.

Have a specific category in mind? Feel free to browse live streams and video content by your area of interest. If you’re still exploring and aren’t committed to any particular category, the “Discover” section showcases active and upcoming streams to spark your curiosity.

The more you engage with Amazon Live, the better the platform understands your preferences—courtesy of Amazon’s ever-so-efficient algorithms—and over time, you’ll find that the content you’re shown becomes increasingly tailored to your interests.

3. Harness the Power of Social Media

Let’s face it: most of us don’t spend our time surfing Amazon. However, we love spending time on social media and are increasingly likely to buy products we find there.

A recent study found that 85% of Gen Z consumers said that social media influences their purchasing choices and that 68% of consumers have already purchased directly from social media.

Enter Amazon influencers, who wear two hats: they’re not only popular on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube but also have their Amazon Storefronts. This makes social media an excellent hunting ground for Amazon storefronts that align with your preferences, lifestyle, and needs.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of hashtags you can use to begin your search on Instagram or TikTok: #AmazonFinds, #Amazon, #AmazonMustHaves, #FoundItOnAmazon, #FoundItOnAmazonFashion, #AmazonFindsMustHaves, #AmazonFindsForGirls, #AmazonFindsForBoys, #AmazonFinds2023 #AmazonDeals #AmazonInfluencer

Once an influencer catches your eye, they’ll usually have a bio or link tree with a direct link to their Amazon Storefront.

For a more in-depth look at products, YouTube is your go-to. Just type “Amazon product review” followed by your area of interest into the search bar, and you’re likely to stumble upon an array of Amazon influencers who specialize in that category.

4. Just Google It

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple Google search. By entering terms like “Top Amazon Influencers 2023” or “Best Amazon Influencer Storefronts,” you can instantly find many articles, listicles, and blogs dedicated to curating the top Amazon influencers across various categories.

These resources often do the heavy lifting for you by identifying influential storefronts and categorizing them based on the types of products they promote. This allows you to tailor your search and find Amazon Influencer Storefronts based on your specific needs or interests. For a head start, check out a list of top amazon storefront influencers or one about the top amazon influencers.



5. Dive into Amazon’s Best-Seller Lists

Ready to head back to Amazon’s main page? This time, aim straight for the best-seller lists in your product categories of interest. Why? Well, if an influencer is frequently associated with items topping these lists, it’s a good indicator that they significantly impact the platform.

Top-selling products often get that way because of strong endorsements and influential recommendations. By checking who’s promoting these best-sellers, you can quickly identify powerful Amazon influencers more likely to drive meaningful engagement and generate real results. Plus, they already have a proven track record in your niche, making them ideal partners for boosting brand awareness and sales.

Find Amazon Influencers with Stack Influence

Influencer marketing platforms are another quick way for brands and creators to find each other. While most of these platforms work by providing brands with a database of influencers using built-in search engines, others like Stack Influence take on a more comprehensive role by providing end-to-end managed campaigns with micro-influencers.

Since Stack Influence is also the first influencer platform to cater services to Amazon sellers, you’re bound to find a wide range of Amazon influencers through the platform.

Get started with Stack Influence today!

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