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Our micro-influencer agency assists Amazon merchants in growing their customer engagement and generating high valued traffic back to their product listings. 

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Brand Inspection


We inspect your brand to understand your business and its mission. We want to know what makes you tick and how to help you grow your brand.


Influencer Accumulation


We perform extensive market research to identify your target consumer and accumulate vetted micro-influencers from our exclusive Amazon network.


Campaign Management


Once we source a group of targeted micro-influencers for your campaign, we manage each relationship making sure every influencer fulfills their required tasks on time.


Product Purchases


We require each of our micro-influencers to purchase products at full price from your listing, helping improve your page rank and driving traffic to your listings


Curated Content


We direct our micro-influencers to develop curated content that engages your customer and gives you reusable media assets. 


Engagement Analysis


We analyze the results from your Amazon Influencer campaign and present you with a detailed report outlining all of the key metrics.

We're a Team of Winners

Our team is stacked with engineers, coders,
marketers, designers and social experts.

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Products in Exchange for Social Posts

We cater to high volume sellers who are seeking to give away products at scale in exchange for various social media promotions and market research.

Drive traffic and build a portfolio of user-generated content with our micro-influencer marketing campaigns today.

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