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January, 2023


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Throughout the pandemic, Walmart aggressively grew it’s third-party marketplace. What they launched in 2009 is now home to more than 100,000 third-party sellers. And each year, we see more than 5,000 third-party sellers kickstarting their journey on Walmart.

Just like Amazon, we’re seeing a spike in the number of third-party sellers on Walmart.

Amidst this fierce competition, how can you get your product listings noticed? Also, how can you get people to purchase from you on Walmart?

To help you increase your sales and revenue, we’ve put together this blog post – where we’ll be shedding light on four tips that you should seriously consider to create an optimized Walmart Product Listing. 


Let’s dive right into it.

4 Tips We Personally Implement to Create Killer Walmart Product Listings

Following are the tips for creating an optimized Walmart Product Listing:

  • Create Clear & Concise Product Titles
  • Upload High-Quality Images
  • Use Influencer-Generated Content in Your Product Listings
  • Use Keywords with High Growth Potential

Let’s dive in.


Create Clear & Concise Product Titles


We hopped onto Walmart and looked up product listing titles of a few products.

Women Leather Handbag:


Women’s Casual T-Shirt:

Leather Bag:

Parallelly, we hopped onto Amazon and looked up product listing titles.

Women T-Shirt:

Can you notice the difference?

If you look closely, you’ll find that product listings titles on Amazon are lengthy and stuffed with keywords. Whereas that’s not the case with Walmart product listings.

While creating product listing on Walmart, make sure that your product titles are not lengthy – anywhere around 50-75 characters in length should be fine.

To create Walmart-optimized product listings, we’d recommend using the formula shared by Walmart themselves:

Walmart is extremely particular about product listing titles. They don’t want sellers to stuff their product listing titles with keywords – so it’s really important to create titles that are precise yet at the same time creative.

A few other important points to consider while crafting product titles:

  • Consider adding brand, model and color to your product listing titles.
  • Don’t use special characters like @, ^ or ½ – it’ll look really cluttered.
  • In case your item is available in different colors, avoid adding color to your product listing titles.
  • Include primary keyword in your title.

And most importantly, add the element of creativity.


Upload High-Quality Images

Product title and description can only get you so far. There’s no point in knocking other sections of your product listing out of the park – if you aren’t focusing on uploading high-quality images.

Without professional and attractive product photos that help your audience gain deeper insight into your product, chances of maximum number of people hitting the “Buy Now” button is slim.

Following are the two kinds of images:

    • Primary Product Image – will appear in search results.
  • Secondary Images

Your primary image should display the product clearly with a white background. 

Here’s an example:

Don’t just focus on your product’s primary image. Also make sure that the secondary images of your product look professional and get your buyers to take the desired action.

You can’t use images containing illustrations, logos, additional graphics, overlays and text – so it’s important to keep this in mind. 

As stated by Walmart:


Click HERE to read their Product Listing Images Policy.


Use Influencer-Generated Content on Your Product Listings


Whether you sell clothes or tech products, you can collaborate with influencers to not only reach out to a world full of people but also use influencers’ credibility to position yourself as a reliable and lovable brand. 

By getting a influencer to promote your products, you’re transferring their credibility to your brand. When you work with influencers, you’ll both be creating high-quality content – where influencer(s) endorses your products via images, stories, long-form videos or anything else.

But once you’re done with these campaigns, that doesn’t mean that you put this content in your “Memories” folder. You can repurpose this content and add them to your product listings. For example, if you sell leather bags, then you can use the image where influencer you collaborated with is holding your bag – add a white background and upload it on your Walmart product listings.

But we’d advise – communicating this with influencers ahead of time.

This will help you add credibility to your Walmart listing and brand. 

At Stack Influence, we help brands collaborate with micro-influencers and deliver actual results. You can use influencer-generated content from your Stack Influence Campaigns and add them to your Walmart product listings. 

Wondering what Walmart influencer marketing is?

We’d recommend reading our “What is Walmart Influencer Marketing?” guide.


Use Keywords with High Growth Potential


If you’re a new Walmart third-party seller, you can’t just randomly rank at the top for a generic keyword like television, smartphone, clothes, etc. These keywords are already being targeted by gazillions of other sellers selling the same category of products. 

It’s important to find the right keywords – that your product listings can actually rank for. The process of finding keyword gaps and opportunities of keywords research. And to identify the best keywords with high-growth potential, you can use tools like Sellergr8, Wally Smarter & more.

While researching keywords, make sure you’re laser-focused on:

  • Identifying money-making keywords.
  • Diving deep into your audience’s minds and learning what exactly they’re looking for.
  • Finding gaps and opportunities.
  • Familiarizing yourself with different types of keyword terms like product terms, brand terms, substitute product terms and competitor terms.
  • Refining the keyword list 
  • Figuring out the intent


And that’s how you can create an optimized product listing. Alongside equipping these strategies, we’d also advise you to write clear and engaging Walmart-SEO focused product descriptions, not overlook product attributes, focus on competitive pricing and more.

At Stack Influence, we’ve been helping Walmart sellers increase their sales and revenue with strategic micro-influencer-marketing. 

And we’d love nothing more than to help you out.

Learn more about our process.

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By William Gasner

CMO at Stack Influence

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