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September, 2023


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Gone are the days when billboards and TV commercials ruled the advertising world. Today, influencers are the rockstars of promotion.

You can find influencers in social media personalities, bloggers, content creators, industry experts, thought leaders, and, yes, traditional celebrities too. Recent academic research finds that 93% of marketers have employed influencer marketing, cementing it as a crucial tool in advertising and brand promotion.

But just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean everyone’s doing it effectively. Several key considerations go into why and how you find influencers for your brand.

If you successfully implement an influencer marketing strategy, you’re not just gaining more customers; you’re gaining higher-quality leads. 82% of marketing agencies, brands, and industry professionals believe the customer quality from influencer campaigns surpasses that of other marketing methods.

After you find the best influencers for your brand, more work remains. You must communicate campaign requirements, answer support questions, ensure all aspects of promotion completion, track various campaign metrics, and augment your strategy! Of course, there are ways to automate influencer campaigns, too.

But before we get to all the other stuff, let’s explore how to find influencers to promote your products effectively.

What To Look For When Finding Influencers?

Choosing an influencer to promote your product isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Influencers are more than just social media personalities; they are brands in their own right, cultivating and maintaining a continuous relationship with their audience.

Followers value them for the content they create and their curatorial skills in filtering and recommending products and ideas.

For this reason, it’s crucial to partner with influencers whose values resonate with your brand’s ethos. Audiences today are savvy; they can quickly detect when something feels inauthentic. To create a successful collaboration, you must identify influencers whose interests or personalities align with your product or service. When there’s a genuine synergy between your brand and the influencers, the outcome can be transformative, captivating audiences in a natural and impactful way.

Research has shown that influencer expertise and credibility are significant factors in customer engagement and purchase intention. This further adds to the idea that picking the right influencers makes the difference.

As a first concrete step, you should define your target audience using factors like location, age, interests, and values and then find influencers whose audiences match—bonus points for defining these demographics using data from CRM and existing social media followers and leads.

When it comes to selecting influencers, size isn’t everything. While reaching a large audience may seem tempting, it often comes with a hefty price tag. More importantly, there’s a growing network of micro-influencers—those with 1,000 to 4,000 followers on at least one social media platform—who specialize in specific niches. You can directly engage with more relevant, trust-driven communities by partnering with these micro-influencers.

After establishing the criteria for the influencers you aim to collaborate with, the next step is to craft effective campaigns tailored to their unique strengths. Good influencers excel at creating compelling content that resonates with their audience, making your joint marketing efforts even more potent.

Remember that the division of labor may vary depending on the specific influencer you’re working with. Whether it’s product seeding, shoutouts, social media takeovers, competitions, sponsored posts, or brand ambassador programs, each influencer brings their expertise to the table, enriching your marketing strategy.

Where To Find Influencers?

Navigating the sea of influencers can be daunting, but several tried-and-true methods can lead you to the right fit for your brand. Here are your top options:

1. Hashtags: Dive into the world of trending hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Not only do they lead you to popular content creators, but they also reveal other influencers in similar niches.

2. Explore Sections: Utilize the “Explore” sections on Instagram and Twitter. The content displayed here is tailored by algorithms, offering an excellent window into what’s popular in your industry—especially useful if your team already follows relevant figures.

3. Industry Events: An increasing number of offline events bring together influencers within and across different industries. Participating and networking at these events lets you connect to influencers in person.

4. Competitor Analysis: Why reinvent the wheel? Analyze the strategies of your competitors to discover which influencers they’re working with. Use this information to formulate a more effective plan.

5. Influencer Marketing Platforms: Want to outdo your competitors? Use influencer marketing platforms.

These specialized platforms optimize your search for the top influencers in specific niches while ensuring you stay within budget. While some platforms only provide contact information for outreach, others, like Stack Influence, provide a 100% end-to-end managed platform for micro-influencers, even catering to Amazon sellers.

6. Talent Agencies: These agencies represent a host of influencers and can be a shortcut to accessing a wider network. However, this route may come with higher costs, less creative control, and a limited selection of influencers.

7. Good Ol’ Google: When in doubt, go back to the basics! Look for listicles or articles that discuss top influencers in your industry.

8. YouTube: This platform deserves special mention because of its capacity for long-form content. Use keywords to find YouTubers with sizable but manageable subscriber bases. Many also maintain active social media accounts, adding another layer to your outreach strategy.

Stack Influence: Efficiently Finding The Best Influencers

There are multiple influencer marketplaces out there, but none quite as effective as Stack Influence. Why? Apart from having the largest database of micro-influencers in the US and being the first influencer platform to cater services to Amazon sellers, it is more than just a marketplace.

The fully managed platform has a track record of activating successful campaigns with micro-influencers at scale. This results in a chain reaction of diverse positive effects: increased target customer conversions, organic online review generation, boosted traffic and engagement, mass brand awareness, and improved rankings and revenue on Amazon.

Phew. We know this has been a lot. Sign up with us today, and we’ll do the rest.

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