The Top 5 Book Influencers You Need to Follow Today


April, 2024


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As readers, finding recommendations for our next great read can sometimes be a daunting task.

 With thousands of books published each year, it’s hard to know which ones are worth our time.

Luckily, there are book influencers who dedicate themselves to discovering and sharing the best books out there.In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 book influencers that you should be following today.

Top 5 Book Influencers

Haley Pham

2 Million followers on TikTok 1 Million followers on Instagram

Haley Pham is a 23-year-old social media powerhouse. She has been creating content since the age of 11 starting on YouTube, then transitioning to other platforms.

 Pham’s content has transcended from lifestyle and beauty to her latest content endeavor, book reviews, and recommendations. Her audience loves this transition as they feel they have grown up with her, this content is now relevant to their interests as well.

 She has 3.9M subscribers on YouTube and her other platforms are growing because of her authenticity and relatability.

John Green

2.8 Million followers on TikTok  2.2 Million followers on Instagram

The author of the 2012 New York Times best-seller “The Fault in Our Stars” is no stranger to content creation.

 Along with his brother Hank, the two of them have many YouTube channels such as Crash Course and The Art Assignment garnering over 60 million views per month.

 Green has released book-related content for over a decade and currently has over a million followers on TikTok who patiently wait for John’s literary reviews and his many words of wisdom.

Tierney Reads

420.8k followers on ​TikTok 43.9k followers on Instagram

Tierney Reads is a passionate book enthusiast who shares her love for literature through engaging and insightful content across Instagram and TikTok.

With a knack for storytelling and a genuine appreciation for authors specifically romance novels, Tierney invites viewers to embark on literary adventures, explore new worlds, and discover captivating narratives.

 Tierney captivates her audience with her candid reviews of romance novels, blending authenticity with a knack for storytelling.

 Her ability to provide intricate details about stories without revealing spoilers keeps her viewers engaged and eager for more literary insights.

Sophia Smith Galer

531.9k followers on TikTok 275k followers on Instagram

Sophia Smith Galer is an award-winning journalist and captivating storyteller on social media.

 Through her unique lens, Sophia brings to light a tapestry of narratives from across the globe, delving deep into the heart of untold stories across platforms like her YouTube.

 With her keen eye for detail and genuine passion for storytelling, she invites her audience to explore diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives.

 Sophia uncovers hidden gems, shares powerful insights, and fosters meaningful connections through the art of storytelling.

Kevin T. Norman

250k followers on TikTok 131 followers on Instagram 

Kevin T. Norman is a versatile content creator and avid book enthusiast whose passion for storytelling shines through in every frame.

 Kevin shares his love for literature, offering insightful discussions and recommendations on must-read books.

 From classic novels to contemporary bestsellers, Kevin’s love for literature shines through in every conversation, inspiring others to explore new worlds and perspectives through the magic found within the pages of a book which his audience can’t get enough of.


These top 5 book influencers are at the forefront of the literary world, showcasing their love for books and influencing readers around the globe.

 Following them not only provides access to great book recommendations but also allows you to be part of vibrant communities that celebrate the joy of reading.

 So, grab a cup of tea, follow these book influencers, and embark on a literary journey that will expand your horizons and ignite your passion for reading.

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