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February, 2022


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Amazon conference’s are the best place to learn about seller strategies and new tools, while making connections with the top sellers in the world.

So – here’s our top three list.

– The Prosper Show
– 7-Figure Seller Summit

Let’s touch down on every single one of these one by one.

The Prosper Show

Date – March 14th to March 16th, 2022

Location – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The reason why we’ve “The Prosper Show” at the top of our list is that it’s a dedicated Amazon seller conference and it’s really informative. Also, it’s important to note that the content shared during these conferences is targeted towards intermediate-advanced sellers. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, Amazon is laser-focused on attracting people to their website which is why they are rewarding third-party sellers to drive traffic to their listings from different non-Amazon (external) sources.

That’s the kind of content you may expect during the Prosper show. Throughout this conference, you:

  • Will have direct access to different Amazon solutions and service providers.
  • Can connect with like-minded individuals in your space
  • Can connect with industry experts, including existing or former Amazon employees and professionals.

The amount of knowledge, valuable insights, and hacks shared during conferences is insane – and if you are an Amazon third-party seller looking forward to expanding his/her operations, The Prosper Show is the place to be this March.

7-Figure Seller Summit

Date – Anytime (Structured as a course)

Location – Online

In their own words, “7-Figure Seller Summit has helped thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs strategically level up their venture.” While this is not exactly a conference, it’s one of the most popular and rewarding summits – which has been structured as an online course. This course has been divided into different phases – which sellers can tune in on different days:

  • Day I – Mindset & Fundamentals
  • Day II – Marketing & Branding
  • Day III – Scaling Your Business
  • Day IV – Profitability
  • Day V – Exits & Building Your Business to Sell

Some of the big benefits of visiting the 7-Figure Seller Summit are:

  • Helps eCommerce sellers learn and implement different growth strategies that they can apply to scale their business
  • Helps sellers discover how to maximize profitability
  • Teaches how to maximize a multi-million-dollar exit
  • Addresses the most common questions
  • And much more!

While this conference doesn’t specifically target Amazon sellers, it shares valuable insights and knowledge, helping third-party Amazon sellers learn how they can grow and expand their Amazon business in a strategic manner.


Date – January 16th – January 18th, 2022 (January 15th – Opening Party)

Location – Jacob K. Convention Center | NYC

Before we share what makes this conference a must-visit, let me share a few features speakers who’ll be attending this conference.

This means – NRF’s 2022 roster is jam-packed, and you can expect to hear from each one of these experts – as they will be sharing their thoughts and sharing some personal tips and strategies to grow your online store. NRF, in my opinion, is hands-down one of the best eCommerce conferences. Again – it’s not a dedicated Amazon seller conference. 

NRF has about 30,000 to 40,000 vendors, suppliers, and industry experts in attendance annually. Let’s look at who attended NRF 2020 – to help you gain a better understanding of the people to expect:

By William Gasner

CMO at Stack Influence


Apart from these, there’re various other conferences we love visiting. Our team was at PowWow Miami & AMZ Innovate in NYC over the past two weeks (at the time of writing), where the newest strategies were discussed by industry leaders, namely Thrasio & Canopy Management. 

If there’s a really insightful Amazon conference, you’ll see our whole team there. That’s how much we love Amazon. That’s how much we love eCommerce.

And if you want to expand your knowledge base, find like-minded individuals in your space, connect with veteran sellers – Amazon seller conferences and meetups are the places to be.

We’ve booked our passes – have you?

See you there!

By William Gasner

CMO at Stack Influence

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