How We're Helping Support The Movement

Black Lives Matter

Supporting BLM Social Justice

As a black owned business, we are in great support of the demonstrations going on throughout the world, and are also deeply affected by these issues, personally and professionally. During these demonstrations we made the decision to pause all our influencer campaigns to support to movements and information being shared on social.

How WE're DOING OUR PART In The Movement

What We’re Doing


Contributing To Non-Profits

We have decided to donate 1% of our company profits to organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and global social justice. 


Supporting Diversity

We strive to create a brand and influencer community that reflects a diversity of cultures, sizes, and modes of expression.


Showing Up In Person

Our team has been showing up not only with our wallets but also with our bodies. We have all been going to protest demonstrations to support the movements.


Building Our Team

As a company we have a desire to build an extremely diverse team. At the moment our leadership team is 75% BIPOC, and our marketing lead is a WOC

Our company is pledging our support

Support For BLM Organizations

What Non-Profits We’re Donating To

We’ve decided to donate 1% of our profits to organizations in support of the BLM Movement. At the moment all our donations are going to the Colors Of Change organization which designs campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.


Want To Join The Stack Community?

Help support BLM with your social posts

We would love for you to be a part of our exclusive social influencer community! Every post you create for our campaigns supports BLM social movement organizations! Let’s create a more just and peaceful world together through social media.