Micro-Influencer Community

The Stack Network

Ideal Influencer Marketers

Tailored to Amazon

The Stack Influence community consists of Micro-Influencers who love promoting products on the Amazon Marketplace. These social media users generally have 1K –20K followers and create strong bonds with their follower-base. As a result, their product promotions are highly trusted and valued.

Highly Engaged Community

Micro-Influencer Marketing

Unlike Macro or Mega Influencers, Micro-Influencers are ideal for growing Amazon businesses because they have the highest engagement of any users on Instagram’s platform. They are willing to promote on social media in exchange for only product compensation, and their promotions are highly trusted and valued due to a tight-knit following base.

Highly Trusted Community

According to recent research findings by the Wharton School Of Business, “82% of consumers are highly likely to follow the product recommendations of Micro–Influencer social media users.”

Influencers for all Industries

Our Micro-Influencer community spans a wide range of industries, allowing us to custom tailor our Influencer campaigns to specific product niches and attract the ideal customer to your brand. We target Micro-Influencers in verticals such as fashion, beauty, health/wellness, sports/athletics, book publishing, gaming, technology, baby products, toys/games, cooking/food products, and more.

Fashion and Beauty Creators

Fashion influencers and beauty experts will promote your clothing, jewelry, accessory and beauty products and they’ll never look better.

Health and Athletic Creators

Health and wellness Influencers and athletes passionate about fitness and sports will quickly spread the word about your healthy products.

Reading Enthusiast Creators

Book Influencers are the ideal marketing forces to spread the word about your new novel. There are book loving Micro-Influencers for every genre.

Gamer and Techie Creators

Video gamer influencers and technology aficionados love testing out the latest products and sharing their feedback on social platforms.

Mother and Child Creators

Mother influencers and their children are perfect candidates to represent and promote your mom products, baby products, toys and games.

Cooking and Food Creators

Cooks and food Influencers who are fanatic about taking pictures of culinary creations will present your food and cooking products like art pieces.