The Eu Natural Case Study

Empowering your health with powerful blends of herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Micro-Influencers activated over 5 months

Total social media post impressions

Total social media post engagements

Authentic product testimonials

Campaign strategy

Eu Natural’s target was to attract and activate athletes, health enthusiasts, and fitness influencers.

Eu Natural hired Stack Influence to build a campaign of Micro-Influencers in an effort to activate them across three core use cases: generate branded content, strengthen social media presence, and drive targeted traffic to their new products.

Progression & Completion

Campaign Evolution

Eu Natural evolved from 100 Micro-Influencers to over 1000 in a six month timeframe

EU Natural started with a 100 Influencer one month trial campaign and followed up with a five month campaign activating 200 Influencer promotions per month. In five months about 80% of Eu Natural’s Influencers completed their campaign requirements with a final total of 801 Influencers that had 3,748,848  combined followers.

A Few Influencers From The Campaign

Alyssa Puckett

Alyssa Puckett


This weather change has me taking vitamins like it’s my job. Loving these @eunatural Primal Vitamins with Celadrin and Turmeric to help with inflammation and joint support.

Adeola Ash

Adeola Ash


I take dietary supplements like Vibrance Biotin & MSM: Healthy Hair Growth Complex daily to provide essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to support my stronger and more vibrant hair.

Stefani Wooldridge

Stefani Wooldridge


THRIVE is the real solution to thyroid and energy health, the natural way.The powerful blend of all-natural vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts can help support a healthy whole-body metabolism.

Darrion Romero

Darrion Romero


@eunatural Vibrance vitamin has really become my go to to help maintain skin + hair health (practicing in 105 degrees + 40% humidity can really damage a girls hair).

Shalyn Bessler

Shalyn Bessler


Making @eunatural part of my nighttime ritual. I’ve always taken vitamins so when I found one for conception I was on board.

Christine mou

Christine mou


I literally start to set alarms to remind myself of taking @eunatural Vibrant Formula which is specially designed to support the building blocks of thinning hair.

"We have always been looking for Influencers for marketing, and doing it on our own was a bit difficult because it's very time-consuming."

~ Vinay Amin, the founder of Eu Natural.

Featured On

Featured On

Eu Natural Campaign Overview & Reporting

Campaign Challenge

The initial campaign challenge was to accumulate social media Micro-Influencers in the Stack Influence community who had a specific profile aesthetic and were willing to try a new brand of vitamins.

Influencer Target

Eu Natural’s influencer campaign target was to attract and activate athletes, health enthusiasts, and fitness influencers across the USA, with a mixture of 30% men and 70% women between the ages of 21 and 55.

Campaign Goals

Eu Natural’s campaign goals were to distribute product giveaways in order to generate word of mouth traffic, increase social engagement, get more product sales and accumulate UGC shared on Instagram and Facebook.

Audience Demographics

Eu Natural’s Influencers most engaged audience throughout the campaign was predominantly females located in the USA, with a majority being married individuals between ages 20 and 49.

Psychographics & Geographics

The audience’s top occupations were managers, sales/marketing agents, writers, musicians, journalists, and students. The top USA cities they originated from were New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami.

Influencer Analysis

Over five months Eu Natural worked with 801 influencers that had an average of 4,680 followers. The majority of posts occured in the last two months of the campaign and only 19.9% failed to complete their tasks.

The Campaign Analysis

The goal was to increase brand awareness and accumulate UGC.

Eu Natural accumulated 1,885,554 impressions with 168,425 engagements. About 366 influencers provided testimonials, and all of them (801) provided high-res images and videos to reuse as future marketing and advertising initiatives.

Campaign Return

Acquired Assets

User generated content, product testimonials, social legitamacy

Throughout the campaign Eu Natural acquired a variety of assets in addition to the brand awareness and Amazon listing traffic fostered from social engagements and shares. Assets accumulated included reusable user-generated video/image content, and in-depth product testimonials.

  • 1. Discuss Brand
  • 2. Develop Campaign
  • 3. Deploy Creators
  • 4. Data Analysis

Discuss Brand

We want to learn your goals and desires.

We meet with you, learn about your business and marketing desires, analyze your brand and products, and identify your target audience to find ideal social media influencers.

Develop Campaign

We make sure we activate the best representatives for your brand.

We develop a custom marketing strategy, outline a campaign timeline, and source the ideal micro-influencers for your influencer  marketing campaign.

Deploy Influencers

We manage campaigns from product shipment to social post.

We get down to business and meticulously manage each Micro-Influencer from start to finish. Our Micro-Influencers are compensated with free products for their campaign involvement.

Data Analysis

We make sure your campaign results are stacked up and satisfactory.

We track and analyze the engagement from your Micro-Influencers social promotions, and present you with a customized wrap-up report with key data points upon campaign completion.