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Increase Your Book Influence

Take Word of Mouth Marketing to the Next Level

Writing a great book is hard. Spreading the word about it can be even harder. Micro-Influencer marketing has shown its face in nearly every industry, so why not book publishing?

Word of mouth marketing is and always has been one of the most powerful driving factors in book sales. Book influencers take it to the next level. Spread awareness for your new book and produce a social media network effect. 

Why Influencer Marketing?

Humans are social creatures. When a person who we trust or admire suggests a novel to us, we’re highly likely to grab a copy. That’s why notable individuals are often quoted on the covers of books.

Why Online Marketplaces?

Jeff Bezos started his world dominating marketplace with books – now it’s become the best place to sell your novel. As marketplace specialists, it’s only fitting that we’ve put in the work to master book marketing.

How Influencer Marketing Helps Book Promotion And Sales

Tailored To Niches

Book genres vary widely and so do Micro-Influencers. Our book influencers focus on specific niches so you can tailor each campaign to your ideal target audience.

Trusted Promotion

Micro-Influencers are the most trusted social media users in the industry and have the highest conversion rates. Their word of mouth is the best in the business.

User-Generated Content

Content created by book influencers during your campaign is ideal for growing your own social media presence and creating high quality advertising & marketing materials.

Conversation Starters

Book clubs are popular for a reason. People love discussing their current reads with a community. Social posts about books have some of the best engagement we’ve ever seen.

Committed to Culture, Addicted to Creativity

Increase Your Following

Book Influencer Campaigns help grow your social media following and customer engagement.

Increase Your Traffic

We’ll help you drive traffic to your marketplace listings so you can dominate your niche.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Books always look great in pictures. They give social users’ character while alluding to their intellectual side, making them a favorite for social media marketing promos.

Creative Promotion

We work with highly creative individuals who love crafting content. We accumulate the ideal creators for your niche from our vetted influencer network. *Photograph is by Ray Delara of the Burlingame Public Library in California; photo was posted on Instagram.

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