Escrow Payments For Influencer Transactions

Influencer marketing has become critical to increasing your brand’s awareness and popularity. We’ve built a simple Escrow payment solution tailored to alleviate the hardships with transactions between Brands and Influencers.  Secure your payments and eliminate the hassle and risk of influencer marketing agreements with Stack Influence!

When funds are in escrow, Social Influencers, Bloggers and YouTubers are 10X more likely to perform the agreed promotional task and Brands will pay for their influencer requests 100% of the time.

Send Money Instantly

Quickly and securely transfer money with our easy to use dashboard and never get scammed again.

Transaction Protection

Protect your transactions and secure purchase reimbursement when making influencer marketing deals.

Escrow Payments

Secure your money in Escrow with the most trusted third-party available. Start stacking influence today!

Secure Escrow Payments 

The Stack Influence’s Dashboard is the easiest way to securely transact payment agreements with influencer marketers. We’ve integrated PayPal to secure your payments with our proprietary Escrow system. Monitor influencer marketing campaigns like never before.

Sending Payments

Efficiently Send Escrow Payments

Funds are held in a PayPal Escrow system until each influencer transaction is fulfilled. We have a double confirmation system to make sure tasks are successful and Influencers are reimbursed for their product purchases or paid in full for their social media posting services.

Support All Day Every Day

24 Hrs, 7 Days A Week

The Stack Influence team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our team stretches across the globe and is always available to answer your questions and concerns about your transactions.

Auditing Influencers

Influencer Marketing Without Losing

Thousands of influencer transactions go astray every day and either the Seller or Influencer gets scammed. We’ve developed influencer auditing software to make sure you know real from fake. We’re here to secure your influencer transactions and make sure all parties are satisfied.

Influencers & Brands Love Us

Join our growing community of Influencers and up-and-coming Brands who love using Stack Influence to secure their post transactions and grow their online popularity and influence!

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