The Stack Influence pricing plans are simple and will depend on the number of influencers you transact with. Sign up as a Brand for our FREE TRIAL and get five free transactions per product each month! Stack Influence is also completely free for Influencers to use! Check out all the Stack Influence pricing options below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are escrow payments?

An escrow payment is a monetary transaction kept in the custody of a trusted third party to facilitate a payment between parties.

Who confirms the Influencer transactions?

Both the marketplace Seller and the Stack Influence team confirm the success of each Influencer task to secure every transaction.

Do you need a PayPal account?

Yes you need a PayPal account to use Stack Influence. We’ve partnered with PayPal as our trusted third party Escrow source.

How many transactions can I get in the free trial?

With our free trial you will get five Influencer transactions free of charge so you can test out how our software works.

How much does it cost for 5+ transactions?

We have four different packages to choose from to get you 10,  25, 50 or 100 influencer transactions per business. With our free trial, Sellers get 5 free transactions per business.

Do you provide Influencers or posts?

No we do not provide Influencers or social media posts for you. You must make a personal relationship with an Influencer to use our services. We do not sell any social media posts either.

Do Influencers have to pay to use Stack Influence?

No all Influencers get to access our Dashboard and use all our services for free! Sign up here if you are a Influencer!

Do you provide Brands for Influencers?

No we do not provide any Brands or Sellers for you. You must make a personal relationship with a Brand to use our services.