Software Features

Learn about our extensive Stack Influence features. The Stack Influence Dashboard makes it simple to transact with Influencer Marketers on any social media platform!

Software Features

Learn about the features of the Stack Influence Dashboard and how easy it is to transact with Influencer Marketers on any social media platform!

"Stack Influence has taken our online Brand to the next level. We don't know what we would do without Stack Influence software.

– Hannah G, Online Power Seller

Secure Escrow Payments 

The Stack Influencer Dashboard is the easiest way to transact with Influencer Marketers. We’re partnered with PayPal to secure your payments with a proprietary Escrow system. Efficiently transact and monitor Influencer social media posts like never before.

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Improve Your Communication

Efficiently communicate as both a Brand and Influencer with integrated features to share product links, monitor influencer task confirmations with screenshot uploading features, make sure monetary funds are available and ready for reimbursements, and get notified when tasks are complete with email notifications for both Brands and Influencers.

Monitor Your Transactions

Monitor all your transactions as both a Brand and an Influencer to know when money is in Escrow ready for reimbursement, when a task has been completed, when an influencer task proposal has been offered/accepted, when reimbursement funds are ready for withdrawal, and when a transaction is completed by both parties involved.

Audit Influencers To Know Fake From Real

We’ve developed a AI software to audit Influencers and identify whether profiles and posts are real or fake. Fraudulent Influencers have recently become a major issue with the advent of bot softwares and fake follower/like services. Make sure you’re not paying a Influencer with fake followers who won’t get you the righteous return on investment you deserve.

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"As an Influencer Marketer I've been scammed many times never receiving my product reimbursement or payment for social media posts. Not anymore with all of the Stack Influence features!

– Katie I, Influencer Marketer

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