Quick & Secure Influencer Posts

Paying Influencer Marketers for social media posts or giving away products in exchange for posts is one of the best strategies to promote your Brand and increase your sales. Instantly build trust with new Influencers by offering to compensate them through our secure Escrow service.  When funds are in Escrow, Influencers are 10X more likely to trust new Brands and perform the agreed task to promote your campaign.

How It Works

Follow the instructions below and begin transferring secure escrow payments in exchange for social media Influencer posts. Buy one of our packages on our Pricing page or sign up for a Free Trial to test out our software and start stacking influence today!

Step 1

Connect your Paypal email and transfer funds securely into Paypal’s escrow account.

Step 2

Send your product link to your Review partner and notify them that funds are in escrow.

Step 3

Reviewer purchases product and leaves review. Seller and Stack Reveiw team confirms success.

Step 3

Once review is confirmed, funds in escrow are released and Reviewer is reimbursed for their purchase.

Step 1

Create a an account, and invite your Influencer partner by creating your first Escrow transaction request.

Step 2

Securely transfer funds into our proprietary Escrow account using your PayPal email.

Step 3

Influencer performs the agreed task. The Seller and our team approve the success of the task.

Step 4

Once the task is approved, funds in Escrow are transferred to Influencer’s PayPal email.

Ready to start stacking influence?

Sending Secure Payments

What Are Escrow Payments?

Escrow is a contractual arrangement in which a third party receives, secures and disburses money for transacting individuals. We utilize PayPal as our trusted third party processor to secure your review payments and increase transaction success.

PayPal Is Our Trusted Third Party Facilitator

Guaranteed Reviews and Transactions

Send Money Instantly

Send funds quickly and easily with Stack Influence. We’ve partnered with PayPal to provide us with the most secure Escrow transactions available online.

Purchase Protection

We secure your transactions to protect you from scams. Our team personally confirms all Influencer tasks and payments to eliminate risk.

Escrow Payments

Escrow payments are the best solution for securing funds and making sure both Brands and Influencers are completely satisfied with their transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are escrow payments?

An escrow payment is a monetary transaction kept in the custody of a trusted third party to facilitate a payment between parties.

Who confirms the Influencer transactions?

Both the marketplace Seller and the Stack Influence team confirm the success of each Influencer task to secure every transaction.

Do you need a PayPal account?

Yes you need a PayPal account to use Stack Influence. We’ve partnered with PayPal as our trusted third party Escrow source.

How many transactions can I get in the free trial as a Seller?

With our free trial, Brands get 5 transactions per product per month free of charge so you can test out how our software works.

How much does it cost for 5+ transactions?

We have four different packages to choose from to get you 10,  25, 50 or 100 influencer transactions per business. With our free trial, Brands get 5 free transactions per product per month.

Do you provide Influencers or posts?

No we do not provide Influencers or social media posts for you. You must make a personal relationship with an Influencer to use our services. We do not sell any social media posts either.

Do Influencers have to pay to use Stack Influence?

No, all Influencers get to access our Dashboard and use all our services for free! Sign up here if you are a Influencer!

Do you provide Brands for Influencers?

Brands are always asking us to provide them Influencers for their targeted niche. Even though we are not an agency, we occasionally connect them with the right Influencers in order to help both parties involved.

Multi-Currency Support

Pay & Receive Money With 40+ Currencies

Stack Reviews supports multiple currencies world wide in partnership with Paypal. From the US dollar to the Russian rouble, Stack Reviews supports more than 20 currencies to provide secure and guaranteed Amazon review transaction across the globe.