Scaling your Amazon Growth
with Stack Influence

Scaling your Amazon Growth with Stack Influence

Algorithm & ranking

We are the premier Amazon influencer agency. We understand how Amazon’s algorithm works. Our micro-influencer campaigns are designed to scale and organically increase your product listing rank so you can dominate your Amazon niche.

We analyze your brand and accumulate influencers, we develop a strategy and campaign timeline, we execute a custom tailored initiative, we secure all transactions in escrow and we assess your KPIs and results.

Amazon listing rankings & algorithms

As an added bonus for your Amazon ranking, our influencers will in fact purchase your products at full price directly from your listing. A rebate is then credited to their account through Stack Escrow once their assignments have been completed.

Coupon purchases are not in our vocabulary 🙂


Tell Us About Your Target Audience.

Our team analyzes your brand, identifies your target audience and picks the perfect mico-influencers from our Amazon influencer network for your campaign.


Creative Strategy And Timeline.

We carefully craft and outline a custom influencer marketing strategy, develop a concise plan of action and create a timeline for your campaign.


Stack Influence Agents Are Paid In Products.

All our Stack Influencer Agents are compensated with free products for their campaign involvement. Stack Influencers will purchase products at full price and be reimbursed for their expenses once their campaign assignments are completed.


KPIs, Execution, and Reports

Our targeted micro-influencer campaigns are designed to increase engagment for your brand and generate traffic back to your Amazon listing.

A customized wrap-up report will be presented upon campaign completion.

“Studies have found that 82% of people are likely to follow the recommendations of micro-influencers in their purchases.”
~ Wharton Business School Research Study

Thinking about micro-influencer marketing?

We want to hear about your business and your marketing desires. Reach out to us, tell about us about your product and brand and let’s do magic.

We Work With Sellers On All Popular Online Marketplaces

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