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About stack influence

We’re a team of experienced online marketplace sellers who have mastered the sticking points of selling e-commerce products and increasing Brand popularity. As you probably know, getting influencer marketing is one of the best strategies to increase your Brand’s online awareness and your product sales.

Shoppers trust products promoted by social profiles they follow so getting social media influencers to promote your brand is critical. We created Stack Influence to eliminate hassle and risk of transacting products and posts with social media influencers so you never get scammed again as either a Brand or Influencer. Start stacking your influence today!

Send Money Instantly

Quickly and efficiently transfer funds to reimburse Influencers for purchasing and posting about your Brand’s products.

Purchase Protection

Protect your payments and guarantee successful social posts with our easy to use dashboard and automated email notifications.

Escrow Payments

Secure your funds in Escrow using our trusted third-party partner PayPal, guarantee social posts and never loose money again!

“Before using Stack Influence I lost thousands of dollars trying to trade and transact with social influencers. Since using their services I’ve successfully transacted 500 social posts without a single issue.  I love Stack Influence!”

William Gasner, OMstack.com

A Team Of Experts Behind The Wheel

We’re a team of online marketplace experts and E-Commerce masters.  We know the ins and outs of the online marketplace business and the E-Commerce world. We created Stack Influence after dealing with many scammers while transacting and trading influencer social media posts to increase our Brand’s popularity.  We had a problem and we needed a solution so we got to work. Now our solution is available to you! Feel free to reach out to us if you have an questions about our software. Happy stacking friends!

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Laurent Vincent

CEO, Co-Founder

William Gasner

CTO, Co-founder

Thomas Fletcher

Lead Designer

Amanda Jones

Head of Sales
What Our Customers Say

Hannah, WearYourMusic

“Stack Influence boosted our Brand’s popularity like never beore. We were running into scam after scam before we used this software.”

Katie, IMSY Swimwear

“Stack Influence is one of the best softwares available to increase your Brand’s awareness and secure your product transactions.”

William, OMstack

“There is no other company comparable to Stack Influence. They provide top of the line customer service and an amazing Escrow system!”
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Have any questions or concerns about our software? Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible! We’re here to help you grow your online business and stack up your online influence to rapidly increase your Brand awareness.

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