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October, 2021


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Amazon sells more than 12 million products, excluding media, books, wines as well as services. When we factor in the products sold by Amazon marketplace sellers, the total count exceeds the 353 million mark. 

And these are just rough numbers we’ve fetched from a study.

Sourced Via Statista

According to Statista, third-party sellers accounted for more than 56% of the overall product sales on Amazon in Q2 2021.  

More than 400,000 marketplace sellers join the platform each year. And by the time you’re done reading this article, about a dozen will have joined the platform and launched their own product(s).

Amazon is huge. 

After all, it’s a GIGANTIC $1.7 trillion company.

And with an ever-increasing number of sellers kickstarting their Amazon venture these days, the competition is extremely brutal. 

It’s a madhouse.

We’ve witnessed most new sellers talk about launching a new product on Amazon as if they were preparing a cup of coffee.

But trust me on this – selling on Amazon isn’t a child’s play. 

Well – you can always log in to your seller account and get your first listing up and running.

But that’ll take you not too far. 

If you want your Amazon venture to be a profitable one, you need to spend a huge chunk of your valuable time finding the right products to sell, conducting thorough competitive analysis, preparing a profit-delivering pricing strategy, building a rock-solid brand, crafting conversion-focused product listings, and lastly delivering a stellar customer experience. 

To build a profitable Amazon business from the ground up, you’ll have to invest your precious hours, efforts, and money – and more.   

But in the end, when you start achieving your goals and start hitting your KPIs, you’ll find all of it to be completely worth it.

It’s a long road ahead. And to help you steer in the right direction, we’ve prepared a list of the five most brilliant product-launch tips new Amazon sellers should implement to put their Amazon business in hyper-growth mode.


5 Brilliant Amazon Product Launch Tips New Amazon
Sellers Should Take into Consideration

We’re the Amazon growth hackers. We’ve helped our clients strategically build 6-7 figures profitable Amazon businesses right from scratch. And while doing so, we tested and implemented a world full of growth and product launch strategies – of which some failed, whereas the ones we are about to discuss delivered incredible results.

Let’s have a look at the five best product launch tips new Amazon sellers like you should consider to grow their Amazon business:

  • Conduct Thorough Products Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Find the Right Keywords 
  • Your Product Listings Should Be Picture Perfect
  • Secure an Amazon Prime Badge
  • Up Your Influencer Marketing Game

Let’s discuss these points one by one.

Conduct Thorough Product Research & Competitive Analysis

We believe – you have already thought of a product to sell by now. If you have, that’s good. But prior to launching your product, it’s important to understand whether it’ll really turn out to be profitable or not.

What if the search volume is extremely low? 

Worse – what if the competition is unbeatable?

You need to take different factors into consideration while identifying the product(s) you should and should not be selling on Amazon.

To find out the most profitable products, tap into one of this Amazon seller software:

  • Jungle Scout
  • Helium 10
  • ZonGuru
  • AMZScout
  • IO Scout

Read our “The 5 Best Amazon Seller Software in 2021” to identify the right Amazon software pick for your business.   

And once you have identified profitable product(s) you’d like to sell, the next step is to conduct a thorough competitive analysis. Try to gain deeper insights into their pricing strategy, their message, listings, business model, ratings, product sales, performance, and more. 

Analyze their target keywords, ad campaigns, product listings, and more for inspiration. And based on that, build and execute a fool-proof, results-driven product launch strategy for your Amazon business.

You need to take different factors into consideration while identifying the product(s) you should and should not be selling on Amazon.

Find the Right Keywords

I can not stress enough how critical it is to target the right set of keywords on Amazon. Conducting an in-depth competitive analysis will help you find the keywords your competitors are targeting. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry out your own research. 

You do not need hundreds or thousands of keywords lined up in an Excel sheet or your CRM. What you need is the right set of keywords that will help you rank at the top of the Amazon search engine.

Yes – you read it right.

You need to think of Amazon as a search engine. That’s because it functions like one.

Amazon indexes information and takes into consideration different ranking factors to determine the rankings. From the product’s title to product description, you need to enrich your content with keywords to achieve the best possible results. 

Remember the suites of tools we mentioned in the last point? Tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and others are packed with their own keyword research tools to help you identify the keywords you should be targeting.

With these tools, you can find out what people are searching for and uncover high-ranking keywords.

However, despite that, you’ll have to spend your valuable time and effort. These tools won’t automate your Amazon business. No – they’ll just help you steer in the right direction.

To build a profitable Amazon business without having to put in dedicated time and effort, you can reach out to our Stack Influence Experts. From building a profitable strategy to niche targeting to running highly targeted custom-built influencer marketing campaigns, we’ll be with you at each step of the way.

Enrich your product titles and descriptions with the right keywords. Also, do the same in the backend of your seller account.

Amazon takes backend keywords seriously. Hence, it’s important for sellers to do the same. Rather than thinking of the backend to be a formality, you should consider it to be the most important part.

Your Product Listings Should be Picture Perfect

If you’re delaying the Amazon product launch just because you have only 5-7 listing photos available with you, stop worrying – even five listing photos are enough. 

But – if you’re uploading only five photos, you need to make sure that their quality is top-notch. You need to have clear pictures of your product.

However, if you don’t, feel free to reach out to a product photographer and graphic designer. They’d love nothing more than helping you out.

At the same time, adding a video or two highlighting how to use your product and its benefits will level up your product listing. 

The ideal length should be about 60-90 seconds – where your prospects or customers can see your product in action. Also, we’d advise you to have a 15-20 second video for your PPC campaign.

Lastly, we’d advise you to craft a conversion-focused product listing copy that not only lists down the features plus benefits of your product, but also keeps your prospects and customers glued up.

Secure an Amazon Prime Badge

You’d want your potential customers to trust you, right? As a new Amazon seller, your customers will find it incredibly hard to trust you with their money. So, to help yourself build a great impression, we’d advise you to secure an Amazon Prime Badge.

This badge will help you show your customers that their purchases will be shipped and delivered right at their doorsteps within two days. Prime-eligible products appear higher on Amazon search results.

How to become eligible for Amazon Prime? It’s easy. Opt for Amazon FBA today.

Up Your Influencer Marketing Game

For every dollar you invest in influencer marketing, you can expect an average of $6.5 ROI. These days, the internet is flooded with a world full of influencers. These influencers collaborate with different brands to promote their products and services, and in return, they either receive free products or money – depending on the agreement between both parties.

To help you with your efforts, Amazon allows influencers to create their own storefronts on the platform where they can promote an Amazon seller’s product(s).

You can collaborate with these influencers to skyrocket your sales and grow your Amazon business in an efficient manner. But before you do that, read our “Your Go-To Amazon Influencers Guide” to gain more insights into Amazon influencers. 

Tap into our rich micro/nano-influencers database to level up your marketing efforts.

Kickstart Amazon Reviews to See Your Product Take Off

Everyone knows that Amazon reviews are incredibly important. Outside of the good PR they provide for your products, they also influence your marketing campaigns, ad placements, and product rankings. Simply put, your product needs more reviews to be successful, especially right after launching when they’re at their most vulnerable.

To ramp up your reviews, you can always give Amazon Vine a try. Another great option is employing review software such as eComEngine’s FeedbackFive. This customizable tool sends out product review requests on your behalf to people who have purchased your products. You can reach more buyers with much less work and also monitor your reviews to keep a close eye on how consumers are rating your items.

By William Gasner

CMO at Stack Influence

Load Your Marketing Stack with Stack Influence!

If it’s your first time launching an Amazon product, you may find yourself confused and all jumbled up – I understand, it’s normal.

And if you want to hit your KPIs and set your Amazon business on hyper-growth mode, we’d advise you to systematically implement the five product launch tips we’ve mentioned above.

That’s our secret to a smart Amazon product launch.

Become a Stack Influence Partner today to strategically launch a profitable Amazon product.

By William Gasner

CMO at Stack Influence

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